Time Activity
9:00 am Sound the steam whistle to officially kick off Steamin’ Day!

9:30 am Watch firing up demonstrations to see how we get steamin’  along.

In this playlist, you have the opportunity to enjoy two different versions of the firing up of our Stanley Model 76, taken by two of our younger steam team members, Sam Gregg and Harry Warren. Thank you both for your help and videography talents!

10:00 am For Kids: Sounds on the Road program (Ages 3-7)

Are you ready to make some noise? In this program learn about the music of cars and toot your own horn!
Download the special activity packet here.


10:30 am Take a virtual car ride

Grab your duster and climb into one of our steam cars to experience what early travel was like!


11:00 am Ask the Volunteers!

Come meet members of our dedicated volunteer crew, learn about the projects they’re working on and why they’re just big car-loving kids at heart. Participants will have an opportunity to ask them questions!

This program has already aired, but you can still join in the fun and watch the recording!

11:30 am Pack a Picnic
Make a delicious picnic lunch inspired by historical recipes.  Click here to download our picnic lunch menu — with recipes!
12:00 pm Behind the Steam: Stanley Model 76

Listen to memories and moments of the Stanley Model 76 from longtime volunteer (and Board President) Steve Bryce. Follow up by learning more about the 76 and other cars in our collection from our founder, Tom Marshall.


12:30 pm Take a virtual train ride

Hop on board! Remember to keep your arms in, folks. Click here for an array of destinations!


1:00 pm Behind the Steam: Tom Marshall and the Collection

Go”behind the steam” with our founder, Tom Marshall, and view our incredible assortment of steam-powered cars collected by his father.


1:30 pm Tour a Virtual Exhibit: Discover Yorklyn

“Where is Yorklyn?!” is a question we often get from visitors seeking out our site. Learn more about the growth, decline and revitalization in the village of Yorklyn. Take a tour here.

2:00 pm For Kids: Assembly Line (Ages 8-12)

Assemblers… assemble! Learn about early cars, pick out which one you would have wanted to drive and play a fun game testing out assembly lines. Download the special activity packet that goes along with this program.


2:30 pm Music break

Let musician and volunteer Scott Bernberg entertain you with early 1900s tunes on his accordion! Click here to listen!


3:00 pm Test Your Town Trivia: Yorklyn

How much do you know about Yorklyn and its history?


3:30 pm Get Your Swag On

Shop for exclusive Yorklyn glasses and mementos here!

All items are available for purchase with local pick-up only online, but please don’t hesitate to email us if you would like a shipping quote in advance (tell us what you’re interested in and the shipping address).


4:00 pm Tour the Marshall Mansion

Go on a special virtual tour of the first floor of the Marshall mansion from Auburn Valley State Park’s Teresa Pierce and Jackie Kook.


4:30 pm Snack break! 

Try our Steam-Popped Popcorn recipe and let us know how you like it.


Or get the scoop on a Steamin’ Day staple: Woodside Farm Creamery ice cream. Be sure to get our favorite flavor, Steam Oil!


5:00 pm Behind the Steam: Renovations at the Museum

Learn about the progress of our capital improvement project and exciting updates at the museum.


5:30 pm Last call for  virtual rides!

Hop on board one of our trains or climb into a car.


6:00 pm Sound the steam whistle to officially end Steamin’ Day.

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